Why Meetings Should Start And End On Time

The pandemic has without a doubt changed the way we do things, especially when it comes to the way we conduct work.

With most people working from home, online meetings have also become a norm – at least for the past few months.

Just like a regular face-to-face meeting, there is a set of etiquette we need to bear in mind when conducting or attending online meetings.  The most important perhaps is that of being punctual.

Why should meetings start and end on time?  Below are some of the reasons:


It shows respect

Let’s be honest.  Even if we’re all sitting in the comfort of our homes, everyone’s time is most valuable.  

Going online late or extending the meeting without prior notice can affect people’s schedules in a big way which is why starting and ending a meeting should both be done on time.


It shows regard for other people’s upcoming plans

There’s no telling what plans each of us has especially when you work from home.  Some may need to go out for some errands while others may need to tend to their children.

We all have our own routines and schedules to follow but things can easily go haywire if a meeting we attended goes beyond schedule.

If you scheduled a 30-minute online meeting, make sure to squeeze everything in the agenda within the 30 minutes allotted because going over time even for a few minutes can have a big impact on someone’s well-being.


It promotes a sense of urgency 

Starting and ending a meeting on time will give people the impression that you value their time more than you value yours.  It also promotes a sense of urgency among attendees so much so that they will likely focus more on the agenda than playing on their phones.


It promotes productivity

When everything happens right on schedule, time is not wasted which means there’s room to do more for the rest of the day.

Time sensitivity makes us productive and allows us to get more things done and become more organized.


How do we ensure that we start and end a meeting on time?

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re busy going through multiple agendas which is why it is essential to use a timer just to keep things in check.

While you can always use your phone’s timer function to do the job, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to use an app that you can install on your laptop and use while the meeting is in progress?

This is exactly what Timezap does.

Timezap is a cloud-based timer that helps you organize your meetings by allowing you to set timers not just for the entire meeting, but for each agenda to be discussed as well.

The app comes with more features that will help you get the job done and is compatible with some of today’s leading video call software like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

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