Tips For A Highly-Productive Online Meeting

The pandemic has without a doubt made a huge impact on our daily lives.  

With safety protocols in place worldwide, we were all left with no other choice but to make adjustments in just about every facet of our everyday living.  Though everything has been a little tougher, life goes on, especially for work and business.  

One of the things the pandemic gave rise to is the use of online meetings.  While this was already quite common even before the pandemic, it has almost become the norm these past few months.

Online meetings aren’t that much different from face-to-face though there are a few things you can implement to make it more productive.


1. Have a clear and well-prepared agenda

Holding an online meeting without a clear agenda is a total waste of time.  It can even make things more confusing.

For an online meeting to be more productive, make sure to send a well-prepared agenda at least 24 hours before you all go online.

Clearly define which issues are going to be tackled and let everyone know of their respective roles so they can have time to prepare.


2. Check your system in advance 

While it’s true that technology has come a long way, this doesn’t guarantee that everything would be glitch-free.

One of the common issues in holding online meetings is unforeseen connectivity problems and though these can’t be prevented, you do have the power to reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Before the meeting, make sure to check your system.  Are the camera and microphone working and in place?  Do you have a backup internet connection like a pocket wifi in case your main connection at home goes down?

Also, make sure that you have the meeting software properly installed and functioning.  For assurance, try to restart your machine at least 20 minutes before the meeting takes place.


3. Minimize distractions

One of the problems a work-from-home setup presents is the number of distractions you have to deal with.  It can be the television playing right in front of you or the sound of the dogs barking in the background.

These distractions can easily take away your focus which is why it’s best to lock yourself up in a room when attending online meetings.  Just make sure that the room is well-lit, quiet, and internet reception is fast enough.  

For better communication, it would be better to use a headphone with a microphone instead of relying on the one that comes with the laptop.

4. Set time limits

Since productivity is a priority, it would also be a good idea to time-cap your meetings.  

While it is common practice to mention the expected duration of the meeting, take it to the next level by setting a time for each agenda.

By doing this, you’re not only making the most of the time but you’re also effectively keeping everyone focused and keeping the meeting from going off-track.

This is exactly what apps like TimeZap does.  By helping you set timers for each agenda, you’re able to maximize your time as well as that of others.

You can learn more about TimeZap and its many features by visiting our website.


5. Have clear action plans

An online meeting is conducted to keep everyone informed of plans and objectives the company would like to achieve.  This is also the perfect avenue to assign tasks to certain individuals in connection to the agenda that is to be discussed.

Try not to settle for vague promises from the participants.  Instead, make sure to assign tasks to people and agree on a deadline so you can track each action item more effectively.