The Importance Of A Meeting Agenda

Time is a most valuable commodity especially when it comes to business.  

This is the reason why it’s crucial to always aim for productivity because every minute wasted can make the business lose money.

Team meetings aren’t an exception to this rule.

While there’s no question that sitting down and reviewing business plans is an excellent use of time, having a well-structured meeting makes a whole lot of difference.

That being said, having a meeting agenda should be a priority so you can make the most of every meeting you conduct.

How important is it to have a meeting agenda?



When you have a meeting agenda in place, participants have enough time to prepare.  They can do their research in advance and do their consultations ahead of time.

Besides, having an agenda makes participants aware of what’s going to happen come meeting time.  They’d know if they’ll be asked to speak or present at any moment during the meeting.

Things become easier when everyone knows what to expect.



A meeting agenda is like an itinerary when you’re out on vacation.  Instead of going to wherever your feet will take you, your trip becomes more organized because you already have a list of destinations you’ll attempt to visit.

It’s easier to navigate through a meeting when you understand the meeting’s objectives rather than jumping off-topic every now and then.

We need to be mindful of people’s time.  When you don’t have an agenda, there’s a better chance that the meeting will take longer since there are no specific areas to focus on.



By having an agenda, you’re able to set the meeting’s pace right from the get-go.  It also allows participants to identify a standpoint involving certain issues so they know where to fall back should the meeting go off-topic.

What this does is make the participants understand the meeting’s flow.  It also gives everyone the opportunity to actively participate in discussions, making the meeting all the more productive.


Time Management

Above everything else, an agenda helps ensure the effective use of everyone’s time.  By providing a step-by-step framework, the meeting becomes more efficient and everyone, more productive.

We can’t deny the fact that participants tend to stay more focused on the different issues and concerns if the time allotted for each agenda (and the entire meeting itself) is strictly being followed.

This also gives participants enough time to accomplish other tasks they may have on their to-do list regardless if it’s business-related or personal.


Timing your agenda

While it is common practice to set a start and end time for meetings, equally important is to set a specific time for each agenda to be discussed.

Sure, you can use your phone as a timer for such occasions but what if there was a better way?  What if there was an app that can efficiently time each of your agenda so you won’t go astray?

This is exactly what TimeZap does.

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