5-Essential Meeting Etiquette Tips For Any Virtual Call

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc all over the world, there’s no question that it has left a huge impact on the way we do things.

With restrictions getting imposed to protect us from the deadly virus, we as individuals are left with no choice but to rely on the wonders of technology.

This is true not only in terms of our personal needs but more so, professionally which should explain why video conferencing or online meetings is slowly becoming the norm.

That being said, it’s important to be aware of some of the online meeting etiquettes one needs to observe so you can remain professional even if you’re in the comfort of your living room.


Prepare a meeting agenda

Like any other professional endeavor, preparation will always be key when it comes to online meetings.  This is especially true if you are the meeting organizer because the last thing you need is to hold everyone back because of possible interruptions. 

Like a regular face-to-face meeting, having a meeting agenda makes a lot of difference because you have an outline of what needs to be discussed.

You can take this a step further by timing each agenda so you can give each of them the proper attention within the time you’re given.  Apps like TimeZap does a great job of keeping you informed during the meeting so you can manage the meeting well.


Dress appropriately

One of the common mistakes online meeting participants commit is that of getting too comfortable with the work from home setup.

While it is possible to attend such meetings in your PJs, one should still exert more effort in appearing more professional in front of the camera unless the company allows you to dress casually.


Test your technology

Technology may have come a long way but it’s not totally exempt from unexpected hiccups.  

Computers can crash, cameras can malfunction, and internet connections can slow down even in the best conditions.  This doesn’t necessarily mean however that these are unavoidable.

All it takes is some due diligence to make sure that these interruptions won’t impact the online meeting you’ll attend.

That being said, make sure to test your cameras and microphones before the meeting (at least 10 minutes before).  Restart your laptop or PC before the meeting begins and have a backup internet connection if possible.


Be conscious of your background

Would you take someone seriously if he or she has a pile of clothes, open closets, or plates of half-eaten food behind them?

Probably not, which is why it’s also important to be aware of your background before you turn the camera on.  Try to look for a part of the house where you have a clear wall and appropriate lighting as much as possible.

Try to conduct some tests as well so you can decide which camera angle is best before the meeting.


Keep away from distractions

If there’s one disadvantage to working from home, it’s the number of distractions that can interrupt your online meeting.

This is not surprising considering you’re at home so to minimize or eliminate it, here are some suggestions.

  • Choose a room and make sure the door is closed once the meeting starts.
  • Turn the TV off.
  • Use a headset or earphone to cut down on the background noise.
  • Turn off your phone or put it on silent.
  • Keep yourself from checking your email or browsing non-work-related stuff.