How To: Creating A New Timer Is Easy, Here’s How

In this video we’ll quickly cover how to create a new timer for your next virtual call! It’s super easy! Here’s how:

How To: Using Timezap with Google Meets/Hangouts & The Chrome Extension

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Why Meetings Should Start And End On Time

The pandemic has without a doubt changed the way we do things, especially when it comes to the way we conduct work.
With most people working from home, online meetings have also become a norm – at least for the past few months.

The Importance Of A Meeting Agenda

Time is a most valuable commodity especially when it comes to business.   This is the reason why it’s crucial to always aim for productivity because every minute wasted can make the business lose money. Team meetings aren’t an exception to this rule. While there’s no question that sitting down and reviewing business plans is an […]

5-Essential Meeting Etiquette Tips For Any Virtual Call

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc all over the world, there’s no question that it has left a huge impact on the way we do things. With restrictions getting imposed to protect us from the deadly virus, we as individuals are left with no choice but to rely on the wonders of technology. This […]

5-Tips To Effectively Manage Your Virtual Calls

Keeping everyone’s attention during a meeting is easier said than done.  Even the best leaders and meeting organizers can attest that pulling this off will require creativity and organization. This is true not just for in-person meetings but for online meetings as well.  Since we’re living at a time when virtual conferences are fast becoming […]

Tips For A Highly-Productive Online Meeting

The pandemic has without a doubt made a huge impact on our daily lives.   With safety protocols in place worldwide, we were all left with no other choice but to make adjustments in just about every facet of our everyday living.  Though everything has been a little tougher, life goes on, especially for work and […]