It's how to stay organized & save time on virtual calls

Create agendas, countdown timers and stopwatch timers. Share viewing access with others on your call. Keep your virtual meetings on track, and on time. 

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Why Timezap?

You’ve probably realized working from home is the new norm, but virtual calls aren’t as smooth or easy as you’d like…
Are team meetings going off-track? Do clients go overtime? Are group coaching calls difficult to manage? Is teaching or tutoring hard?

Timezap can help.

Schedule or Use On The Fly

You can create, save, and share your meeting schedules in advance of your meeting. Or you can open Timezap during a call. It’s simple, easy, and effortless to use.

Great for: Ad-hoc meetings, Brainstorm Sessions, Timed Feedback, Tests and more…

For Meetings Of All Sizes

Want everyone on your call to see your Timezap? No problem. Share your Timezap timer or your agenda with 1 or 1,000 people. It’s perfect for any size meeting.

Great for: Remote Teams, Coaches, Teaching & Tutoring and more…

Create Meeting Agendas

Want everyone on your call to stay organized and follow along? Create a timed meeting agenda that you can share with people on your virtual call. 

Great for: Anyone who wants to keep their virtual calls organized…

Organization on a whole new level

Finally a sharable, timed, meeting agenda that you control – and that everyone else can see.

Get organized in advance. Create agenda templates in advance of any virtual call.

At the start of your meeting you’ll be able to select the agenda you’d like for your virtual call.

Allow others on your call to see your agenda. Make quick changes on the fly. Pause, skip, or add time to any section. It’s the best way to stay organized.


Create a count down alarm or time your meeting

Set a time for a certain segment of your meeting, or simply use TimeZap as a timer during your meeting.

It’s easy to choose which is best for you. Simply flick of a switch between the two options.

Perfect for: Self timing, Livestreams, Podcast Questions, Test Prep

Notifications keep everyone on time

Virtual calls running overtime?

Every minute of wasted time costs you money. Timezap will automatically notify everyone on your call when your time is almost up, saving you time and money.

Perfect for: Meeting Brainstorms, Q&A, Test Prep, and more.


Reset, restart, and control your timer

Want to break your meeting down into sections? Looking to allocate short amounts of time for discussion on your call?

Reset your Timezap as many times as you want with the click of a button. Everyone on your call will see your updated time instantly. If you started the Timezap, only you control the countdown timer.

Perfect for: Employee Feedback Time, Group AMA’s, Livestreams, Podcast Questions, Test Prep

It's easy for guests to see your timer or agenda

It’s easy for guests to quickly join your TimeZap.

Simply share your TimeZap ID, or your TimeZap link, and your guests can join with the click of a button.

You’ll be able to confirm and control which guests you want to have in your timer.

Perfect for: Large Group Calls, Ad-Hoc Countdowns, Client or Coaching Calls, All Calls

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Timezap works with 
any video call software

From Zoom and JoinMe, to Google Hangouts or Skype – Timezap will work with any call software you’re familiar with.
It’s perfect for pre-planned meetings, live streams, or ad-hoc calls. 

You can use it on the web, download the Google Chrome Extension, or install the desktop app on your Mac from the App Store.

Run Your Meetings More Effectively

Keep meetings on track with a sharable timer. Organize everyone on your call with a sharable agenda.
Make your virtual calls 10x better with Timezap.